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Advice for your inspiring workshop is here with topics that include shop storage, dust collection, lighting & wiring, and shop jigs. You'll also find tips about shop layout, maintenance, and workbenches.

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Hobby (formerly horse) Shop
A horse stable transformation creates the heart and soul of a workshop haven.
Pride and Joinery
This workshop hideaway presents an open invitation to enjoy its cozy atmosphere.
Guiding lights: supplementary light sources
Even with adequate overhead lighting in a workshop, many tasks require more targeted light to illuminate the work at hand. If you need extra light, reach for any number of these handy LED options.
Trick out your workbench: From zero to workshop hero
Turn a lackluster worktable into a capable woodworker’s bench with these seven simple ideas using common add-ons and accessories.
Vise Squad
A vise makes a workbench more than a flat surface for working on projects. Install a vise on one end and another on an edge, and you’ll cover nearly all your workholding needs. We’ve built a lot of workbenches over the decades with a lot of vises, and we recommend these six.
Dust Collector Basics
We help clear the air about what type and size of collector you should buy, whether you're connecting to one machine or a whole shop.

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Fourth Generation Legacy Shop
A sports medicine physician shows-off his shop and tools handed down through generations.
Harmony in the garage
A shop that shares it's space in the two-car garage
Doubly Beneficial Shop

With his spacious standalone workshop, Mitchell Scott can run two tablesaws with different setups (crosscuts and rips, or cuts and dadoes, for example).