Woodturning, Scrolling, and Carving

Learn more about the specialty branches of woodworking: woodturning, scrollsawing, and carving. We talk lathes and turning tools; scrollsaws, blades, and patterns; and carving knives, gouges, and chisels.

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Blank-Saving Bowl Coring
Turn a set of nesting bowls from a single blank. Maximize the yield from your valuable turning blanks and increase your output with a bowl-coring system.
A Chip off the Old Block
Three-corner chip carving adds decorative detail to your project.
The Push and Pull of Grinds and Bevels
A bowl gouge with any profile can make push cuts, but only fingernail-grind tools can make pull cuts.
Bowl Gouge Sharpening
Woodturning expert Brian Simmons shows you how to put a razor-sharp fingernail profile edge on a bowl gouge.

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How do you repair a shrunken turned bowl?

I rough-turned a “green” (undried) cherry bowl. When I got it out to finish turning it a year later, the tenon was oval-shaped. How can I finish turning this bowl blank when my four-jaw chuck.