Wood and Supplies

This section features advice on working with wood including lumber & sheet goods, wood species, and wood figure. You'll Also find tips on veneer & inlay, sanding, wood glue, fasteners, and wood finishes.

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European Hinges
A simple guide to choosing and installing hinges.
Installing Quadrant Hinges
Rout the recesses right to hold a lid upright. Here’s how.
Screw Fundamentals
Don’t get screwed up when selecting the right fastener for your project. Use these guidelines to make the right choice every time.
Stuck like glue
Gluing projects together comes with lots of challenges: time, squeeze-out, sticky fingers, and sometimes panic as the open-time clock ticks down. These accessories are sure to help you be better prepared.

More Wood and Supplies

Put the Squeeze on Excess Glue
Squeeze-out defines any well-glued joint. Follow these tips to avoid overlooked spots of dried glue showing up during finishing.
Hidden Gems at the Home Center
Look beyond the 2x4s and plumbing fixtures to find the woodworking supplies you want and need.
When Good Wood Goes Bad:

How to deal with warped boards