Wood Preparation

Learn how to select, mill, and size lumber for project parts. Find out how to optimize lumber for maximum yield and the best appearance for your projects.

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10 tune-up tips for perfect planing
Your benchtop planer takes a beating in normal use. Give it routine maintenance for glassy-smooth results board after board.
Dealing with wood defects
There's no such thing as the perfect board. But you can salvage a lot of "challenged" lumber using these tricks.
Lessons in Logging
The WOOD team spends the day at Senior Design Editor Kevin Boyle's home, milling lumber from logs.
Pressure-treated lumber: to finish or not to finish?
I’m building some outdoor projects out of pressure-treated lumber and am wondering what finish, if any, I should use?
Dealing with Wood Movement
Help your projects avoid the snap, crackle, or pop caused by wood expanding and shrinking.
How to table-mount your router
Whether you make a router insert plate or buy one, you can attach it to your tool and install it in your table with just a few easy steps.

More Wood Preparation

Maximize Your Wood By Resawing
Ripping boards into thinner slabs is a snap with a bandsaw and these easy-to-follow techniques.
From Knotty to Nice

Get as much clear lumber as possible from knotty woods.