Wood Figure

Learn about selecting and laying out project pieces for the best wood grain and appearance. Find out how to work with figured wood species to maximize their beauty in your woodworking projects.

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Nuts about Walnut
Black walnut trees commonly reach heights of 100' or more with 3'-diameter trunks, yielding copious amounts of consistent, straight grain—a lumberman's dream.
Figuring Out Figure: Curl
Some species such as butternut and walnut logs hide their figure well.
Choosing grain for best appearance
WOOD Design Editor Kevin Boyle offers advice on selecting grain patterns for a more attractive finished project.
What Makes Wood Beautiful?
Wood technologists employ appearance characteristics to identify woods. These give a board its distinct look and beauty. Learn what makes up the look of wood.
Make it special with spalted wood
Its fine lines and random patterns lend an exotic look to any project. Here’s what you need to know.

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