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How to buy veneer online
The modern world has caught up with widely scattered mills, and online veneer retailers have stepped up with expertise and extensive catalogs of species.
Hide a Sanded-Through Spot
This simple technique repairs damaged veneer.
Onlay accents made easy
Create that "special touch" in 6 quick steps.
What's the best way to store sliced veneer?
I bought some sliced veneer (no paper backing) at a woodworking show, but I’m not sure how to store it. Any advice?
Bands give plywood an edge
Because of its strength and stability, plywood can be a woodworker’s best friend. But its edges are just plain ugly. Disguise those plies with edge banding.

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How thick is veneer?
I’m making a table, and the plans say to subtract the thickness of the veneer when cutting certain parts. Can you tell me the thickness of veneer?
Veneering, Part 10: Cutting a Radial Pattern
Now that you've laid out your radial pattern, it's just a matter of cutting and assembling it.
Veneering, Part 7: Making Lois Cubes

Watch as Marc Adams shows how easy it is to add this eye-popping figure to your projects. Part 7 of 11.