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Here you'll learn how to use power tools and hand tools to full advantage in your woodworking shop. These include the table saw, jointer, bandsaw, mitersaw, CNC machine and others.

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Shop Tested: Sharpening Stones
Stone-cold sharp: We test three categories of sharpening stones to find the best for putting a keen edge on your tools.
How to Sharpen with Stones
Follow these simple steps to put a keen edge on any chisel, plane iron, or spokeshave blade.
Honing Guides
A honing guide provides the best way to achieve the accurate, consistent sharpening results your chisels, plane irons, and other edge tools require. Here we present four honing guides that should serve you well. (Depending on your tools, you might need more than one.)
Tracksaw vs. Circular Saw
I hear a lot of talk about tracksaws and how useful they are. For years, I’ve gotten by just fine using a circular saw with a straightedge guide. Am I missing something? Is there a big advantage to a tracksaw vs. a circular saw with a guide?
Choosing and Using Flush-Trimming Router Bits
Rout smooth and flush with the precision of these versatile, bearing-guided bits.
How to Cut Identical Shapes on the Bandsaw
A template and a jig make curved cuts predictable and repeatable.

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Shop Tested Shoulder Planes
Use these handy tools to trim tenons, rabbets, or half-laps for a perfect fit. We tested 11 models in search of the best.
Buying used tools
Save some cash when outfitting your shop by learning how to spot good deals on used equipment. It’s the perfect time to arm yourself with a bit of knowledge and a healthy dose of patience to score some deals on used tools.
Your Next Hand Planes

What is the best kind of hand plane? The choices for which planes to acquire next become more dependent on what kind of work you intend to do and your overall commitment to hand tools in general.