Tool Bases and Storage

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Bolt-on bases for benchtop tools
When you mount some of your benchtop tools on plywood bases, it's easy to clamp them to the benchtop. Unfortunately, the clamps can block access to the top drawers in your bench. Here's how I solved the problem.
Tablesaw mobile base uses casters for stability and smooth travel
When designing a mobile base for my tablesaw and its extension table, I was concerned about how a four-wheeled base might twist and rack as the large, heavy saw moved across my uneven garage floor.
How should you recharge cordless-tool batteries?
keep my spare cordless tool batteries in their chargers, and I’ve heard that this practice can damage the batteries. Should I remove them from the chargers as soon as they’re recharged?
What's the best way to keep batteries charged?
When I want to use my cordless tools, the batteries soon run low. Is there a way I could plug the chargers into a power strip, and then plug the strip into a timer?
Cover-up clamp rack for added storage space
I needed a space-efficient storage solution for all my clamps. I found many plans for roll-around carts but couldn’t justify the loss of usable floor space.

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How to Choose the Right Casters for a Project
Is there a formula to determine which caster to use on concrete floors and on carpets?
Scrollsaw Stand
Elevate your benchtop scrollsaw to new heights with this sturdy shop-made stand. It provides solid support directly beneath the saw to help minimize vibration.