Learn how to get the most out of this shop workhorse - your tablesaw. Find out about tablesaw setup, tablesaw blade selection, and how to cut joinery.

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Tool review: 3-HP Tablesaws
With riving knives now required to earn approval by Underwriters Laboratories, manufacturers took the opportunity to freshen up their saws. We tested 9 of them.
Make Your Own Cove Molding
Safely "shape" wide concave cuts using your tablesaw and these techniques.
Zero (chip-out) tolerance
Don't accept workpiece chip-out on your tablesaw. Instead, eliminate it by using a zero-clearance insert for every cut you make.
Portable Tablesaws
A job-site tablesaw cuts through concerns about limited budget and shop space. We test 12 models on collapsible stands in search of the best.
Get The Most From Your Portable Tablesaw
Its low price and small footprint make a job-site saw a good first tablesaw. These tips, jigs, and accessories turn your go-anywhere tablesaw into a go-to machine.
Shop Test: Tablesaw Jigs and Accessories
Make your work at the tablesaw easier, safer, and more accurate with these aftermarket upgrades.

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Is a tablesaw tune-up kit worth it?

In a woodworking catalog, I’ve seen tablesaw tune-up kits with a link belt and new pulleys. Do these items and changes make a difference? Are they worth the money and effort?