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Learn tips and tricks that make your shop time more productive. Find out how to get the most out of hand tools and power tools, including your router and table saw. See tips on finishing, gluing, clamping, sharpening, layout, and more!

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Painter's Tape Shows Precise Square
Using a pencil line to check the accuracy of a square proves reasonably accurate. But I found that painter's tape provides a visual contrast for precise, easy-to-see results.
Trick for Cleaner Threads
Use this tip to square your tap with the hole.
Mark Biscuits for Better Frame Builds
When I make picture frames with mitered corners, I like to use the small, #FF biscuits to reinforce the joints. This size of biscuit works for frame stock at least 1-1/2" wide.
Bandsaw Blade Labels
Organize your bandsaw blades for fast access

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Tongue-and-Groove Wall Storage
Use tongue-and-groove hardwood flooring to make the rails and hangers.
Custom corner cauls
Clamping boxes made with box joints or dovetail joints presents a challenge. These custom cauls wrap around box joint corners and have recesses that clear the protruding pins.
Custom clamp creations

Sometimes handscrew clamps don't have the reach you need. You can make your own with custom jaws.