Shop Maintenance

Learn how to keep your wood shop tools and accessories in working order. Find out about sharpening, rust removal & prevention, power tool maintenance, and much more.

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Bust Rust
You can easily remove rust in one of two ways: Scrub with a commercial cleaner and an abrasive pad, or power it off using a spinning wire-wheel brush in a drill.
Sharpening showdown
Sharpening chisels and plane irons is like working out at the gym: You know you should do it, but getting started can seem daunting.
Tool Review: Blade and Bit Cleaners
If cleaning your saw blades and router bits sits near the bottom of your "to-do" list, you may be shortening the life of your carbide cutters. We tested eight products and several home remedies to see which work fastest and safest.
How to Sharpen with Stones
Follow these simple steps to put a keen edge on any chisel, plane iron, or spokeshave blade.
Quick and Easy Sharpening
Put a razor-sharp edge on your chisels and plane irons using self-stick sandpaper, and a grinder equipped with a stone and buffing wheel.
Sharpening Chisels
Tim Peters, master furnituremaker and professed hand-tool junkie, heads the woodworking department at Orange Coast College in Costa Mesa, California. He explains here how to sharpen chisels.

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Whole-Shop Heating Systems
No matter what Old Man Winter brings in the months ahead, your shop will be warm and comfortable with one of the practical solutions offered here.
Sharpening With Waterstones
These man-made whetstones offer a big advantage in sharpening tools—an abrasive surface that constantly renews itself as you work.
How should I store water stones?

I use and store my water stones and grinder wheels in our heated basement. Can I use nontoxic antifreeze instead of water and allow them to soak in my unheated garage?