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Build three versions of one cabinet
Building several storage cabinets doesn’t take much longer than building a single one.
What's the first step when building kitchen cabinets?
I’m planning to build new cabinets for my kitchen, and a buddy said I should make the face frames first and then the carcases. That seems backwards to me. Is there an advantage to this method?
Idea Shop 6, Paycheck 22: Start Building Cabinets
Now that you can easily mill boards to consistent size, prepare lumber for a set of base cabinets.
How do I build birdhouses that attract birds?
I make houses and feeders for songbirds. Some of those projects attract flocks of feathered visitors, but others don’t. What can I do to improve results?
How do I build a flat, stable tabletop?
I am building a tabletop and wondering if I should alternate the boards’ growth rings so the top remains stable. Also, should I use 6" boards and narrower, or is it okay to use 8" boards?
How to install metal slides on wood cabinets
Can I install metal drawer slides on a solid-wood cabinet without creating wood movement problems?
Building the Splinter Supercar
Joe Harmon, creator of the Splinter, discusses the car, the work process, and his inspiration for building a 200-plus mph wooden supercar.