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What's the best outdoor finish?
Paint, stain, exterior varnish, penetrating-oil finish? What's the best option?
The Ultimate Outdoor Wood
No toxins? No plastic? No kidding. Thermally modified wood may be the best thing since sliced cedar.
Choosing wood for outdoor projects
Projects exposed to heat, cold, moisture, wind, dirt, and insects require durable exterior-grade lumber.
Outdoor Plans
Discover outdoor woodworking plans to make your exterior living space more enjoyable. From patio furniture - such as tables and chairs - to garden accessories, you can show off your woodworking skills outdoors.
Outdoor construction 101
9 important things you should know before you start working.
What's the best food-safe wood for cutting boards?
I’m going to make some cutting boards, but I’m not sure which woods are food-safe. What can I use, and what shouldn’t I use?
What's the best way to add threaded wood bolts and nuts?
I’d like to incorporate threaded wood bolts and nuts into an upcoming project. Is this a difficult process to set up and learn?
Outdoor framing hardware and fasteners
Don't scrimp on anchoring hardware and fasteners, which are vulnerable to moisture.
Experience is the best teacher
With 50 years experience under his belt when he built his Vermont workshop, Fred Collins knew exactly what he wanted and how to build it himself.