Safety is priority number one in the workshop. Protect your digits, limbs, eyes, ears, lungs, and all the parts that mean the most to you. Let's discuss the products and techniques that are going to get you home in one piece.

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Kicking kickback
In this article, we'll look at four tools prone to kickback: tablesaw, router, mitersaw, and jointer.
Work small parts safely
Keep your fingers a safe distance from the machine's cutting edges.
7 safety rules to never violate
Listen to that little fella on your shoulder.
Our favorite noise-canceling headphones
Power-tool noise can, over time, lead to hearing loss. So it makes sense to wear hearing protection as much as possible in the shop.
Chainsaw safety
Whether bent on harvesting your own wood with a chainsaw or just trimming branches, you must play it safe. And there’s more to it than the right saw and protective clothing.

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What type of respirator should I use for spray finishing?
I recently bought an HVLP sprayer. So far, I’ve applied water-based finishes while wearing just a cheap respirator. I’d like to get a better respirator for spraying other types of finishes.
How to Avoid Kickback with Plywood
I was ripping a oak plywood on my tablesaw. As I was about finished, the plywood climbed up the blade, turned to the left, and became a missile, injuring my left hand. What did I do wrong?
Rout small parts safely

I have a 3×4" project part that requires a routed round-over. How can I rout this safely?