Getting the most out of your router table and router is a key to success for your woodworking projects. Learn all the tips and techniques for choosing, using, and maintaining your router and router bits.

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Choosing and Using Flush-Trimming Router Bits
Rout smooth and flush with the precision of these versatile, bearing-guided bits.
Bob's Router Roundup
As WOOD® magazine’s Tools Editor, I’ve used more routers (literally all of them) than anyone else on staff, and own more than I should admit. In fact, if I can do a job with a router—handheld or in a table—rather than a tablesaw, I’m doing it. Here are my four favorites.
Router-Table Accessories  
We tested 19 products head-to-head to make sure you get the best ones for your budget.
Our 20 Best Router Tips and Tricks
Make your router more accurate and versatile using these simple jigs and techniques.
Fast & Easy Template Routing
When you’re making multiples of an irregular-shaped workpiece, make quick work of it with templates.
Height Done Right
When you need to set a router bit or saw blade to a precise cutting depth, use one of these handy accessories for can’t-miss measurements.

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Take the plunge
Bigger may often be better, but we’re in love with smaller routers, represented by the current plethora of nimble compact and trim routers, both corded and cordless.
Large holes in 5 easy steps
Boring big or odd-size holes just got a whole lot easier using this simple method.
Should I use a router speed-control unit?

I have two routers, a Porter-Cable and a DeWalt, plus a separate speed-control unit. Both companies told me not to useseparate speed controls because they’ll damage the routers. Why?