A simple auxiliary clamping table saves space problems for clamping.
Drawing of clamping table

Worksurfaces with T-track open up all kinds of possibilities for workholding. My shop is too small for a dedicated clamping table though, and I don't want to embed T-track in my workbench top. So, instead I made this simple auxiliary clamping table. 

I started by laminating two pieces of 3/4" plywood together (mine were 24" square). This provides plenty of thickness for the T-track without sacrificing strength. To create grooves for the T-track, I went to the router table. After installing the T-track, I fastened 2×4 risers with screws to elevate the auxiliary table off my bench. This allows me to clamp it securely to my workbench while keeping the clamps out of my way. The table's small size also makes it easy to store.

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