Project Assembly

Find out how to get the best results when gluing and assembling your project. These tips will get you through tricky clamp-ups, keep your project square and level, and help you account for wood movement.

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When to finish before assembly
Most of us apply linear thinking to project building: Cut parts to size, fasten them together, and then apply finish.
Clamp down on glue-up mistakes
Gluing up and clamping a project proves just as critical as the machining and finishing stages, so take the time to get it right. These tips will save you time, grief, and, quite possibly, your project.
8 tips to square corners
Before building projects with truly square corners you're proud of, you need the proper tools and setups. Use these tips in the shop to get it right the first time.
The Art of Picture Framing
Use these simple tools and techniques to properly secure artwork in a frame.
"X" out screw heads
3 ways to keep screws hidden away and under cover

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Creating a four-corner grain match
I’ve seen mitered boxes where the grain figure wraps around all four corners of the box, but I’ve never understood how this is done.
Timber Framing from the Ground Up

Building a structure a woodworker can appreciate.