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Get the most out of your woodworking shop with these handy tips for shop organization. Find out how to outfit your shop with jigs, fixtures, and accessories for maximum efficiency.

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Make the Most of Your Garage Shop
Are cars tailgating your tablesaw and shovels burying your bench? Take charge of your garage shop and add storage, flexibility, and convenience. Here’s how.
Ways to Pay Less While Woodworking More
Tip the economic scales in your favor with these money-saving ideas.
The Homemade Tool Movement
James Hamilton, a.k.a. Stumpy Nubs, solves woodworking problems in unique ways through his popular videos, creations, and articles at stumpynubs.com
Permission granted!
Stalled in your woodworking skills? Step them up by giving the man in the mirror permission to succeed.
The first three hand tools for a power-tool woodworker
Ne•an•der•thal  \nēˈan-dər-thôl: a rapidly growing species of knuckle-dragging hominids found in quiet woodworking shops where power tools have been spurned in favor of manual alternatives

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What's the right height for benchtop tools?
My shop has numerous benchtop tools, and most of them sit on any available surface. Some seem awkward or uncomfortable to use, and I suspect they may not be at the ideal height.
Getting Back to Basics
I decided to go back to basics and refocus my efforts around a core set of tools to develop the fundamental skills.