Layout, Measuring, and Marking

A good finished project starts with precision measurements and layout. Step up your accuracy and workmanship in your woodworking with these tips and techniques for layout, measuring, and marking.

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Let Grain Reign
Lessons in choosing and using lumber for top results
Marking knives: a cut above pencils
I use a sharp pencil in the shop to mark crosscuts, mortise-and-tenon layouts. I see a big deal being made about marking gauges and small knives to mark the cuts. Why are these better?
Scribing a perfect fit for curves
I’m making a wooden toolbox for my pickup bed. How do I make a template to fit over the curved wheel well?
Marking Gauge 101: Score Boards for the Win!
Whether you use power tools or hand tools, this tool makes crisp, clean lines for layout work—much more precise than a pencil line. Here are 16 tips to get the most out of this must-have tool.
The Art of Picture Framing
Use these simple tools and techniques to properly secure artwork in a frame.

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Which route to take for mitered profiles?
When routing a profile on mitered or beveled workpieces, is it better to rout the profile first and then cut the pieces, or vice versa?
How to enlarge gridded patterns
It's easier than you think, and requires very little artistic talent.