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Getting a Grip on Four-Jaw Lathe Chucks
When first introduced, four-jaw chucks were viewed by many as a luxury just for professional turners. But they offer so many advantages that anyone from novice level on up would benefit from owning one.
Bowl Gouge Sharpening
Woodturning expert Brian Simmons shows you how to put a razor-sharp fingernail profile edge on a bowl gouge.
Texturing tools for turning
Texturing tools dress up the plain surfaces of turned pieces. To demonstrate these decorations, we tried out three texturing tools on the box top.Each tool creates a specific pattern on the wood, but the appearance varies, depending on wood grain and density, position and movement of the tool, the contour of the surface, and other factors. Cherry, walnut, maple, and other popular turning woods work well with texturing. Most of these tools perform best on end grain.Experiment; if you create a pattern you don't like, simply turn the surface smooth and try again.
Big-spin wood lathes
When you’re ready to step up from a benchtop lathe, these full-size machines have all the power, capacity, and features you’ll likely ever need.

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12" Midi-Lathes
Whether you’re just starting out in turning or upgrading from a mini-lathe, one of these fully featured wood-spinners will serve you well for many years.
Turn! Turn! Turn!
Brian Simmons, WOOD’s turning expert for over a decade, loves woodturning so much he even plans vacations around it!