Here's everything you need to know to create precise, strong, long-lasting furniture joinery. We'll discuss miters, mortise and tenons, box joints, dovetails, frame-and-panel construction, biscuits, pocket-screws, half-laps, and more.

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Take the Loose-tenon Plunge
Rout this strong joint quickly and accurately with a plunge router and a simple jig you can build.
Five-Minute Face Frames
Pocket-hole joints provide the perfect combination of speed and strength for this job
How to close a miter gap
If a miter joint on your box or project has a slight opening, try this easy fix to make it practically disappear.
Drawbore Joinery
Drawboring increases the strength of a regular mortise-and-tenon joint by driving a wood pin through a hole in the mortised piece and through a slightly offset hole in the tenon.

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3 Ways to Make Shiplap

Add pizzazz to your projects and home with this simple, elegant form of joinery.