Jigs and fixtures can make repetitive woodworking tasks safer and easier. Learn about building your own jigs for your table saw and router in addition to other useful jigs.

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Uplifting benchtop risers
You'll wonder how you ever assembled a project without these simple, versatile shop aids.
Jig Lovers Special
How do we build jigs in the Wood Shop? Follow along as we show our secrets.
Easy Taper Jig
WOOD's Craig Ruegsegger demonstrates a simple shop-made taper jig for your tablesaw that will have you churning out elegant table legs in no time flat.
Shop Test: Tablesaw Jigs and Accessories
Make your work at the tablesaw easier, safer, and more accurate with these aftermarket upgrades.
Router Jigs
We tested dozens of accessories that make handheld routing more accurate. Then, we graded each one to make your buying decisions easier.
Drilling holes in dowels 
Whenever I need to drill a hole through a dowel, the bit wants to skate around and choose its own starting point. How do I get clean holes positioned where I want them?

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Tablesaw pattern jig
I’m making Adirondack chairs that have tapered rip cuts on a number of pieces. Can I make these cuts at the tablesaw?