Inspiring Shops

Looking for some inspiration for your woodworking shop? These workshops range from small to large, all of them full of ideas you can use in your shop.

Most Recent

Hobby (formerly horse) Shop
A horse stable transformation creates the heart and soul of a workshop haven.
Pride and Joinery
This workshop hideaway presents an open invitation to enjoy its cozy atmosphere.
Fourth Generation Legacy Shop
A sports medicine physician shows-off his shop and tools handed down through generations.
Harmony in the garage
A shop that shares it's space in the two-car garage
Bat Cave
Just a few steps outside the back door of his family’s house stands Luca’s 8×5' workshop. 
Group Dynamic
After their previous workshop burned to the ground in 2020, members of the woodworkers association at the Peter Becker Community in Harleysville, Pennsylvania, envisioned a new, fully-equipped shop.

More Inspiring Shops

Showboat Shop
Dan Janke’s multipurpose shop serves as a classroom, boat-restoration dry dock, and the seat of his chairmaking activities.
Doubly Beneficial Shop
With his spacious standalone workshop, Mitchell Scott can run two tablesaws with different setups (crosscuts and rips, or cuts and dadoes, for example). 
Vintage Garage: The Extended Edition

Living in a 1920s-vintage neighborhood in the city means garages are small, if they exist at all.