Idea Shop 6

Here you'll find everything you need to know about outfitting your woodworking shop on a budget. Learn how to build shop accessories and workshop storage solutions to optimize your woodworking workspace.

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Welcome to Idea Shop 6
Outfit a shop in under a year by earmarking money each paycheck.
Idea Shop 6, Paycheck 1: Start Off on the Straight and Narrow
Your first payday has arrived and you have $150 ready to start building a shop. We'll show you where to start.
Idea Shop 6, Paycheck 2: Guidance is Needed
Ramp up your circ saw's usefulness with a crosscut guide.
Idea Shop 6, Paycheck 26: Dust Collection and What's Next
The final budgeted purchases for your shop help control dust, keeping your shop cleaner, and reducing the health risks of airborne particles.
Idea Shop 6, Paycheck 6: A Plumb-perfect Rack
Build an adjustable lumber rack for major board storage; then, bank the remainder of the budget for a future router purchase.
Idea Shop 6, Paycheck 17: Fairing Well
This simple device flexes and holds its shape allowing you to trace a curve along it.

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Idea Shop 6, Paycheck 21: Get a Planer
To understand how a jointer and planer work together and why you need both machines, review this article and watch the video.
Idea Shop 6, Paycheck 20: Wall Storage

Build versatile wall storage using perforated hardboard (one brand is Pegboard).