Hand Planes

Discover how to shop for and tune up woodworking hand planes. From block planes to bench planes and specialty planes, you'll learn how to get the most out of these classic woodworking tools.

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How to Sharpen with Stones
Follow these simple steps to put a keen edge on any chisel, plane iron, or spokeshave blade.
Honing Guides
A honing guide provides the best way to achieve the accurate, consistent sharpening results your chisels, plane irons, and other edge tools require. Here we present four honing guides that should serve you well. (Depending on your tools, you might need more than one.)
Shop Tested Shoulder Planes
Use these handy tools to trim tenons, rabbets, or half-laps for a perfect fit. We tested 11 models in search of the best.
Your Next Hand Planes
What is the best kind of hand plane? The choices for which planes to acquire next become more dependent on what kind of work you intend to do and your overall commitment to hand tools in general.
Your First Hand Tools….and Why
For finesse and fine work, hand tools get the job done. Here’s where to start.

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Block Plane Basics
More and more woodworkers are bringing power jointers and planers into their shops, often pushing hand planes into dusty corners. But a plain old plane still comes in handy. Here's one of the handiest: the block plane.
Our Favorite Block Planes

Often the first hand tool many woodworkers learn to use, a block plane helps you clean up an edge or trim a part to fit in no time flat.