Glues and Adhesives

Discover tips and techniques for choosing and using wood glues, adhesives, and tape for your woodworking projects. Find details on glue and adhesive application and clamping techniques.

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The 5 stickiest wood glue questions with expert answers
A wood glue will bond strongly as long as its consistency remains fluid.
Choose the Right glue
With so many adhesives available, selecting the best one for your woodworking project can be puzzling.
Stuck like glue
Gluing projects together comes with lots of challenges: time, squeeze-out, sticky fingers, and sometimes panic as the open-time clock ticks down. These accessories are sure to help you be better prepared.
Put the Squeeze on Excess Glue
Squeeze-out defines any well-glued joint. Follow these tips to avoid overlooked spots of dried glue showing up during finishing.

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32 Uses for Masking Tapes
Make sure you maintain your stock of a mundane, low-cost item that delivers more bang for the buck than you might expect. Masking and painter’s tapes offer protection, finesse, security, and more.
How can I wash out glue stains on clothes?

No matter how careful I am, wood glue sometimes gets on my clothes when working in the shop, and it doesn’t always come out in the wash. How can I get it out?