Finishes and Finishing

Don't be intimidated by the finishing process. We'll guide you to the right finish for your project—polyurethane, lacquer, shellac, and more—and show you how to get picture-perfect, repeatable results.

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Oil vs. Film, Choose Your Finish
When it's time to apply a knockout finish, there are a lot of contenders. Some can take a punch; some bounce back fast. Here's how to choose the one that's a fair match for your project.
Finishing Brush Tips
Still handy after all these years
Show Off Figure with Dye
Quilted maple and other figured woods gain depth as well as brilliant color when you choose this type of stain. Here's everything you need to know for success.
Low-cost spray finishing
Whether you’re applying paint or a clear topcoat, check out these simple options for laying down a smooth sprayed-on finish.
All About Lacquers
Learn why pros shoot lacquer, and the differences in the various products labeled as lacquer before deciding if this finish suits your next project.
Save time with an all-in-one stain and finish?
On the surface they seem like a time saver, but there are some pros and cons.

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Avoiding dust Nibs

A clean space and fast finishes defeat these nasty nuisances.