Dust Collection

Choosing, using, and maintaining a dust collection system in your woodworking shop is critical for shop safety. Find out all the tips and techniques to tame sawdust in your woodworking shop.

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Dust Collector Basics
We help clear the air about what type and size of collector you should buy, whether you're connecting to one machine or a whole shop.
Can I evict this noisy tenant?
I own a cyclone-type dust collector and I’d like to move it outside my shop in order to cut down on the noise
Plumb Your Shop for Air
Build a network to put compressed air always within easy reach.
What are a shop's dust-collection guidelines?
Is it possible to have a shop in my basement and still not have fine dust appear on everything upstairs? My garage gets below zero in winter.
15 Low-dough Dust-collection Hacks
Improve your shop’s air quality by using these helpful tips to gather dust before it becomes airborne.
Cordless Cleaners
For quick cleanups around the shop without having to drag out the big vac, nothing beats these battery-powered vacuums.

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Guide to workshop dust control
Setting up a dust-collection system is easier than you think. Here’s how one man made it work, and how you can, too.
Make the most of sawdust
These dozen ways to recycle sawdust might even make you question thin-kerf blades.
How to buy a dust collector

Choosing a dust collector can be anything but simple. We've stripped away the mumbo-jumbo to show you what you really need to know.