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Discover useful tips and techniques for drilling materials and driving fasteners. Learn about drills, drivers, drill bits, bit maintenance, fasteners, as well as tips and tricks to get better drilling and driving results.

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Drilling and driving rock stars
For woodworking, you need more than just a coffee can full of twist and spade bits. To up your game, add these favorites of the WOOD® editors.
Block blowout without a backer board
I have to drill a large access hole in a cabinet. Unfortunately, my clamps won’t reach to secure a backer board. How do I prevent the plywood from blowing out?
Precision on the go
For precisely drilled holes, you can’t beat a drill press if the workpiece fits on it.
Trick Out Your Drill Press
WOOD magazine's Jim Heavey demonstrates the installation and use of a drill-press mortising attachment.
Introduction to Impact Drivers
Delivering greater torque than comparable cordless drills, these compact tools drive fasteners like nobody’s business.

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Pocket-size gauge for setting pocket-hole bits
After reading your review of pocket-hole jigs in issue 152, I bought a jig and was satisfied except for one small problem.
12-volt Drill/Drivers
These handy tools feature the perfect combination of size, power, and finesse for woodworking.