Doors and Drawers

Build your own cabinet doors and drawers in your woodworking shop with these tips and techniques. Learn how to choose the right hinges and drawer slides and how to install them.

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Lock-Rabbet Drawer Joints
Make 'em quickly and easily with your tablesaw.
Making Tambours
Bendy doors add motion and visual interest to your projects.
Mortising Perfect-fit Box Hinges
Learn the secrets to precise layout and installation.
Make Cabinets the Easy Way
Big? Yes. Difficult? Nah. With only basic woodworking skills, a tablesaw, and a few simple tools, you can make custom cabinets for your home or shop.

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Super Simple Drawer Slides
Installing inset drawers to achieve a perfect reveal around all the edges of the drawer face can be tricky.
Cure Ailing Drawers
Don’t get hung up on drawers that drag or tip. Instead, use these tricks for smooth sliding.
Make and Mount Super-Simple Drawers

If you can operate a tablesaw and drill, you can craft these sturdy inset drawers, suitable for any project from storage to fine furniture. We’ll show you just how easy it is.