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Shop Tested: Sharpening Stones
Stone-cold sharp: We test three categories of sharpening stones to find the best for putting a keen edge on your tools.
How to Sharpen with Stones
Follow these simple steps to put a keen edge on any chisel, plane iron, or spokeshave blade.
Honing Guides
A honing guide provides the best way to achieve the accurate, consistent sharpening results your chisels, plane irons, and other edge tools require. Here we present four honing guides that should serve you well. (Depending on your tools, you might need more than one.)
Our Favorite Specialty Chisels
As your woodworking skills grow and your interests broaden, you’ll soon discover that even a great set of bench chisels won’t suffice for every job. That's where specialty chisels earn their keep. For five specific tasks, here are our favorite models.
Sharpening Chisels
Tim Peters, master furnituremaker and professed hand-tool junkie, heads the woodworking department at Orange Coast College in Costa Mesa, California. He explains here how to sharpen chisels.
Enjoy big-time safety cutting tiny pieces
Making small parts using a mitersaw or tablesaw can be a dicey affair.

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Hand-cut half-blind dovetails with only a pair of chisels and a mallet
What's the best bevel angle for my chisel?
What bevel angle makes the most sense for my wood chisels. Can you cut through the murk and provide some clarity?
Tool Review: Sharpening Systems

Good news: Easy and precise sharpening doesn't have to cost a lot of coin.