Discover tips and tricks to using and maintaining the versatile bandsaw in your woodworking shop. You can also learn how to upgrade and tune up your bandsaw for the best performance.

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How to coil and uncoil bandsaw blades
Quickly and safely condense your blades for convenient storage.
How to Cut Identical Shapes on the Bandsaw
A template and a jig make curved cuts predictable and repeatable.
Deluxe 14" Bandsaws
These saws deliver big resaw capacity and excel as precision curve-cutters.
Resawing Bandsaw Jig and Technique
An editor's favorite, we used this jig in the WOOD magazine shop to resaw spalted maple into beautiful jewelry box stock.
10-step tool tune-up: bandsaws
Just as with your car, a few minutes of regular maintenance on your bandsaw can save you time and money over the long haul.

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Two-saw Tuneup
Invest a day in bringing your bandsaw and tablesaw back to peak performance.
How can you stop bad bandsaw vibration?
I just bought a 14" bandsaw that works beautifully and is accurate, but it has a vibration—a pulse every half-second or so.
Bandsaws Under $500

Looking to buy your first bandsaw? We found very capable machines for not a lot of money.